A wink and a nod, and you’re in the door…


Wednesday, 26-Mar-14


Wink and Nod is a new pub/bar/restaurant in the South End, that I heard about through a friend of mine first.  It seemed fun, though a bitch kitschy, and maybe worth while to see.

Then I saw it on my facebook feed.

Then I looked at their site, and saw some good drinks and good food.  And then, I invited a few friends to come with me to check it out.


For once, I arrived before anyone else.  So I waited outside, chatting with the bouncer for a bit.  Actually… I shouldn’t call him a bouncer.  He was an older gentleman, in a nice suit with a solid overcoat on to keep the chill away.  He looked like he could still kick me to the curb and back, but he didn’t have the “I am just waiting for an excuse to hurt you” look that most ‘bouncers’ have.  But we chatted for a while before Allison arrived, and we headed through the door, down the stairs, and into the bar…

Turns out, on a Wednesday night it’s a great date bar… but that’s about it.  Quieter than I thought, and the three of us (Emma, Allison and myself) had a little booth to ourselves by the back.  But everyone there was either a couple, or two people who were debating becoming a couple.

The drinks were interesting, though the waitress was trying to convince me to buy a glass of $50 scotch, because “there are only two bottles in the world, and we have one”… mmhmm.  I’m sorry, but if there are only two bottles of a specific scotch… your bar doesn’t have one.  Some old dude has both, and every once in a while he looks at them while reminiscing on how obscenely rich he is.

But that aside, they did have a nice scotch selection, and they had a shooter called the “Sharknado”.  I mean… at the end of the day, what more does a person need?  A shot called a sharknado, a cool bouncer, and food that comes served in a mason jar full of wood smoke… pretty solid place.


Link: https://www.facebook.com/winkandnod

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