Wandering around Cambridge and Alewife


Saturday, 25-Jan-14

So I’ve lived here for a bit over a year at this point, but I haven’t honestly taken the time to just… wander around.  I’ve taken the various dogs for long walks around town, but walking with a dog is always a bit different… for some reason, I can’t retreat quite as far into my own head when I’m walking the dog – probably because I’ve got to keep an eye out for other dogs, cyclists, etc…

So today, I just plugged in my headphones, put fresh batteries into the fancy bass-booster thing on the cord, and started walking toward the Alewife parks.  It was nice and relaxing, and a good reminder about just how much I enjoy hiking in the winter.

So I wandered for an hour or two, before heading into Davis to meet a friend for coffee.  Solid afternoon activity… and I got to see some rather cool stone placards!

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  1. You’re right at the border of Alewife Reservation…. near the new Greenway, yes?…. suggest a walk down the bike path toward Belmont to start… you’ll see the new wetlands …. part of the reservation and some maps for more adventurous walks…. also there are some scheduled nature walks that are pretty remarkable…. hope you enjoy!…..

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