Big T comes up, and a visit to Heartbreak Reservation




This is a weekend that Big T had a Sunday off, and drove up to Boston to hang out and visit. Mike, Chirag and I all met at my place beforehand, to make a quick breakfast before we headed off on the days adventures…


  • Get up semi-early… ok, not so much. Maybe 09:30 or so.
  • Chirag comes over, bringing a tribute of Munchkins for the house. We start prepping breakfast.
  • Mike arrives, and cooking tentatively commences, waiting on Big T’s arrival.
  • Cooking continues, as Big T doesn’t plan to arrive until after noon rolls around.
  • T finally arrives, and eating begins in earnest! Slow breakfast… more of a brunch now, to be honest. But we chat and relax and catch up, taking our time and going slow.
  • We spend a bit of time cleaning up and trying to decide what we want to do, and where we want to go. Not really sure… too many options.
  • In the end, we settle on hanging out at the driving range for a bit, and then doing a bit of a hike at a place Mike knows, called Heartbreak Reservation.
  • Drive out to the driving range (heh)
    • Mike and Chirag are quite good at this… I am not so much
    • Big T and I get a few lessons on how to swing a club like an intelligent human
    • The lesson’s don’t stick too well, but they are quite fun.
  • After busting through a few buckets of golf balls, we move out toward Heartbreak Reservation for a bit of a walk.
    • Start exploring! We take a random trail, and make our way deeper into the woods, making a few detours to work our way around a rather large pond.
    • Mike and I take a detour around to a small summit while T and Chirag continue down the pathway.
    • Mike and I summit, if you can call it that, and find a neat little shelter and campsite. It’s got an A-Frame, a rock pillow that’s amazingly comfortable, and a wee campfire that’s obviously been used once or twice. Amazing views of the city are found as well.
    • I find… “the dragon staff”. We named it that because why not, and it makes an extremely helpful walking stick until I try to do a “You shall not pass!” moment… and it snaps in half.
    • Mike and I reconnect with T and Chirag, and the four of us keep exploring ’till we get bored and decide to head back to the cars.
    • A wrong turn is taken that leads us to the far end of the reservation… a four mile walk from where we wanted to be. Ohh well. More hiking, yay!
  • From here we head back to my place, ordering Pizza along the way.
  • Pizza is eaten, Top Gear is watched, and scotch/wine/beer is drank. An excellent night is had by all.

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