Moving to Harvey Street


Friday, 04Jan13


Originally, I was going to have dinner with the family. But as seems to be tradition, the “hang out one last time” plans fell apart before they really even started.

Instead, my Mom, Steve, and my sister Hannah headed out to grab dinner at British Beer Company while I went to meet Chirag at the train station. From there, him and I hunted down a dinner of Chinese food, and then jumped head-first into a series of epic League of Legends matches on the computer.

A break from the game gave us the time to finish doing a bit of packing, and soon enough we had everything packed up and ready to move. It wasn’t actually too bad – I’d honestly never fully unpacked everything from before I left, so all we really needed to do was organize, and deal with my clothes.

And since neither of those things is particularly difficult, we were back gaming within the hour, and asleep within two.


Saturday, 05Jan13


Having something exciting to do always helps me get out of bed in the morning, and today was no exception. I think I was actually awake before my folks for the first time.

Chirag, Steve and myself headed out to Junes Place for a farewell-to-Medway brunch, while my Mom and Hannah headed out to do some errands that needed to get run.

After eating the three of us packed up the Van and the Taurus – since everything was already organized we were able to cram everything in and together nice and quickly – we were actually done a good bit before the noon bell even struck (Ed Note: Damnit, there’s still no such thing as a noon bell!)

After a quick Lunch Hannah retreated to her room, while the four of us (My mom, Steve, Chirag and myself) all crammed into the cars and headed toward the grand city of Cambridge.

The drive from Medway to Cambridge is nice and short – actually a good bit simpler than when I lived out in Brighton, thanks to Route 2 going nearly straight into my front lawn. We were only on the road for forty five minutes or so before we pulled into the driveway and got ourselves ready to unpack.

I’d called in some backup movers, in the form of Daniel and Brian, who arrived about ten minutes after we parked the cars – perfect timing to help with the heavy moving, since we’d spent those ten minutes scouting out the house, giving tours, and saying Hi to my new Roommate Marla.

And with all seven of us moving, what took Steve Chirag and I a bit over an hour to pack in only took 25min to unpack. In that short afternoon, and with a bit of sweat and effort, I was completely moved back to the city I love.

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