New Years Eve 2013


31 Dec 12 and 01 Jan 13


  • Quick dinner at Boston Burger Company
  • Slutcracker
  • More Boston Burger with Mike
  • Head over to Sams
    • Dance party!
    • Meet my friend from high school Heather again
    • Beer Pong with Mike, we own house
    • Beer Pong with Heather, we do slightly poorly. And by that I mean we’re a fail whale
    • Hang out outside with cool Jersey kids, chill and drink and chat
    • A bit of “Cards against Humanity”… this is basically just an asshole version of Apples to Apples, isn’t it? I am less interested now.
    • A toast to a New Year!
    • More hanging out with random people, sharing stories and fun
    • Poor Elise… people puking all over the place, the railing breaking, hosting a New Years party can be rather rough.
    • Chill outside with Jersey Kids again
    • We’re done here – Head back to Mike’s place to relax and have a cigar.
    • Hang out with Mike’s neighbor, shoot the breeze and watch Archer
    • Crash
  • Next day – what do you think? Brunch, duh!
  • Relax, chill, head on home.

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