What motivates me?


Finding motivation can be difficult.  Some days you wake up, and your internal reactor just can’t get going.

Some people lay this off to “having an off day”, and leave it at that.  But I find that, if I accept my off-ness, then I stay in that funk for a day or two and get nothing valuable done.  I waste my time.  And I hate wasting my time.  So what do I do to get myself moving?  How do I get my “mental engine” firing on all cylinders again?

The answer is simple: I look for inspiration.

There are a few Youtube videos that I keep bookmarked; videos by amazing people who accomplish amazing things.  They remind me of what I COULD be doing, and what I can accomplish if I put my mind to it.  These people are peerless in their fields… but they’re still people.  Thus, no different from me… except for their drive to succeed.

I’ve added two of them below.



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