Random pictures from Christchurch and beyond!


This is bit of a photo-dump – just pictures that I find interesting from the last few weeks in and around Christchurch.  A few have stories behind them, but most are just random sights that caught my eye.  Here are the few stories that do come with the shots:

The “Goodbye Kittie” – this line-art is a piece of Emma’s, done for her by one of her artist friends.  Its part of a whole “emo” series, ranging from “Finding Emo” instead of “Finding Nemo” and a drawing of Elmo covered in makeup and using blocks to spell out “Emo” instead of “Elmo”

Chinese Food Box – “The meal contain Nutrition information” is a lie… at no point is there any nutrition information, either on the meal, the packaging, or in the store.  However, I do appreciate the effort.

“Stay in Mantrol” ad – this is an ad series in New Zealand… I find it amazingly entertaining for some reason.

Graffiti – Most of these were taken at the rail yards… a very poorly secured area I have to say.  Lots of fences and locked gates… except for the area right near where I was biking, which was just open to the road for some reason.  Some of the tags are your standard issue ones, but some are real works of art.

“Galaxy” cracks on the computer – This is a friend of mines computer… its just a broken screen, but it looks amazing and the few pixels not completely dead have a tendency to twinkle every so often

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  1. Computer screen — does look very cool, I thought is was gak splatter or something like that (a squid? ewww!)

    Murals are incredible — and I still say most of those must be murals and not graffiti — difference = murals are sanctioned, graffiti is vandalism. Library ones are very fun.

    • Ohh Definitely agree – I just meant the stuff by the train tracks (the tags and the dancing girls, though I don’t know about the huge RECAP piece above them all, that might be a sanctioned logo or store name), not the library or the piece by the store sign. Thats one cool thing about Christchurch – they definitely do have taggers do pieces for the stores and city itself, much like that griffon saying “Christchurch will rise from the flames”.

      They don’t have as many sanctioned art pieces as Caracas, but still a lot more than Boston 🙂

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