Pictures from the old Christchurch Stockyard


I had seen this building on the side of the road a few times, as I was driving to either Capoeira or the climbing gym.  It was nearly a ruins – walls without ceilings, and doorways and windows sitting open and bare of their glass.

I honestly didn’t know what it was, besides from the mostly-fallen down sign above the main entrance, but I knew that I wanted to explore it.  From the outside I could see small peeks of graffiti and artwork… and the fact that it was semi-blocked off by fencing and guard-rails didn’t make it any less inviting 🙂  Half the fun of exploring urban artwork is where its located, and the chance to do a bit of adventuring through ruins always piques my interest.

So that morning I packed up my satchel with some extra batteries and memory sticks, and headed into town.  I got a quick breakfast at a place called “Drexel’s”, mostly because it seemed to be named after the college that my little sister goes to.  I’ll admit that I was really impressed with it though… I’m used to the American grease-breakfast, and the pancakes that I ate here were perfectly fluffy and delicious – nearly as good as my Dads 🙂  The pile of Bacon was a nice little bonus too… a “helping” of Bacon at this place meant a plate full; literally 10+ slices.  By the time I left I could barely get onto my bike, though my belly was quite happy.

After the breakfast I headed right over to the ruins, that a friend of mine later told me used to be the Christchurch Stockyards, and started snapping up pictures.  So without further adieu –

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    • I actually learned afterward that it hadn’t been a stockyard for a while :/

      But the ruins / buildings are right on Dean’s Ave, near the South-West corner of Hagley.

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