Notes and thoughts on New Zealand


Time spent here: ~ 1.5 weeks

  • Kiwis don’t wear shoes. And by this, I mean everywhere; airports, restaurants, malls. This is unequivocally awesome.
  • Dubstep is here. And it is powerful.
  • I’m slowly but surely getting used to driving on the left side of the road… my biggest confusions comes from making turns, the yielding laws, and the lack of “turn on red” laws
  • Christchurch is a strange city… it honestly reminds me a lot of Tucson. Reasons are:
    • The sun is really intense here. Like… you’ll burn on a cloudy day intense
    • The nights are Cold. I need a warm fuzzy bathrobe I think.
    • The Tree’s vary all over the place, going from big leaves to desert-style pines
    • The city is very spread out… I know this is partially because the primary city center was brought down by the recent quake, but most of the “city” portions still seem to have a more “suburban” feel to them.
  • Using the Metric system takes practice, even though I know it really well from college.
  • Speed limits are low (60 or so), and highways are small, two-lane non-divided roads. At least outside of the cities.
  • The landscape out in the country is seriously straight out of a “bucolic paradise” painting. This is awesome.
  • New Zealanders make some DAMN fine coffee.

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