Off the Grid in San Francisco


Emma and I met up with Abby, her old roommate, early in the evening on the 17th. It had been one of those lazy days where no one was really sure what we wanted to do, and we didn’t really have too much energy to go adventuring thanks to the incessant rain that had been beating down on the city since the mid morning. We had a mission though, one that we weren’t going to give up on – a meeting of some of the cities best food trucks called “Off the Grid”.

Emma had told me about this gathering of awesome, and since I spent most of my lunches at Boston food trucks when I worked back in Cambridge I felt an almost-obligation to check it out. You know… compare cities, see how they do it out West. Well… they do it pretty well, if Off the Grid is any indication. There were 10 or 12 different trucks, running the gamut of all types of food. We had out Mexican, we had our vegan (eww), and we even had our cupcake truck. But most importantly, we had our BBQ truck. And, as though challenging the BBQ truck, we had our BACON truck. Thats right… an entire truck dedicated to serving bacon in all of its myriad forms. From “The Burger” being a simple hamburger to “Grilled Cheese, but with Bacon” and even “A salad, but with Bacon”. I was most impressed with “The Bouquet”, for which the description simply read “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Bacon”. Though I have to admit, the “Chocolate-coated dessert Bacon” scared me. A lot.

As should be expected, I went with a good old-fashioned bacon-burger with fries. The Burger was amazing, and I have to admit that the fries were spectacular… easily better than most burgers on their own, but fitting perfectly with the fancy of this burger. It was a strange thing, I’ll admit, having an actual gourmet burger served to me out of a food truck, but you’ll never hear me arguing about anything besides the price… I definitely paid for the awesomeness that I was consuming. Meh. Totally worth it though.

Baseline? If you’re ever in San Francisco on a Thursday night make sure to check out Off the Grid. Clearly worth it. And lets be honest… even though what I ordered was really expensive for a food truck ($16 total, burger + fries + on-tap root beer, vs $5 for two enchilladas + beans, rice & chips in Boston), it was easily cheaper than getting it at a restaurant. And honestly? It was better than most burgers I’ve gotten at restaurants.

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