Wandering around the Berkley Outlets


Nov 13th

Daily walking total ~5miles


“Not sure what to do with today. What should we do?” was the topic of discussion once everyone woke up and met up in Remy’s kitchen. Emma and I had two options to choose from – either going to a semi-expensive bike show, or meeting up with a friend of hers who wanted to walk around Berkeley and go to a few of the outlets there. Due to the money situation (Emma’s a teacher and I’m unemployed) we chose the later one, and I made myself promise that I wouldn’t buy anything at the cool outdoors stores, no matter how awesome of a deal it was.

And I’l admit, it wasn’t actually that difficult. The upside of Outlet stores is that their really cheap, but the downside is that they’re cheap because the stuff they’re selling is what other people don’t want to buy. Instead of shopping, I spent the day chatting with Emma’s friends about life and work, since almost all of them were engineers fairly embedded in their fields. I was, of course, slightly intimidated by them, thanks to them all graduating from ivy schools like MIT, but we had a pretty fun time discussing the job market and talking about specific projects that we’d been working on.

The day went really quickly, and I was starting to crash before too long, unfortunately. I hadn’t been climbing much recently, and it seems that yesterdays adventure on the boulders had actually taken a lot more out of me than I had anticipated. Emma and Remy were meeting some friends for a fancy wine tasting that night, and I excused myself in order to get some much needed R&R time before starting in on wandering around the city for the rest of the week. So instead of bounding around the city and checking out the night-life I hung out with Emma’s roommates for the evening, watching some of their drama shows with them… bleh. TV Drama. I still don’t see the draw to it. But it was a fun and relaxing night, even with the TV, and Emma’s roommates were pretty fun people to relax with. So definitely a good evening 🙂

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