Weekend of 18JUN11

Weekend of Jun 18th

Boring weekend... lots of relaxing, video games, and generally being 
lazy.  A very good way to regain some lost energy from the last few 
crazy weeks :)

Friday - 
Work this week was dull.  I stuck with my buddy Dave's strategy of 
"well, just walk around.  You'll run into work somewhere", and it's 
definitely been keeping me busy, if only with the act of walking 

Friday Nights plans were pretty low-key; Meet up with Allison in the 
early evening, relax for a bit, and then head over to a friends 
"fashion debut", where she was unveiling her new clothing line for the 
first time.  Allison and I arrived there a bit late, but still about an 
hour and a half before the actual debut was set to happen.  The 
unveiling was being held at a very swank Euro/Indian-club in harvard 
square called "Om Lounge", with some rather amazing mixed drinks on 
hand.  Strong, amazing drinks :)

Since it was a fashion event the guest list was made up nearly 
completely of either designers or models, and everyone had quite 
interesting stories to tell.  I did, however, learn the hard way about 
Allison's opinion of what "too flirty" is, since she got rather 
indignant over me talking with a few of the girls, and inviting them 
along to some of my parties for the next week.  It was definitely a fun 
night though, and the actual debut went very smoothly, with the models 
all coming out in her clothes, strutting their stuff like the peacocks 
that they all were, hehe.

The night ended around 0100 or so, when Allison and I headed home.  
After a quick return to the club for me to pay my tab (yeah... I left 
my card there.  Nice.) we got home, and crashed.

Saturday -

Saturday started a bit earlier than I would have liked, primarily 
because Allison was getting out early to watch the Buins parade.  I 
wasn't interested in it, instead stayed home and got some virtual 
adventuring done in The Witcher 2.  Actually had a rather fun time, 
even with the rediculously hard difficulty curve for the game.  Its 
frustrating, since theres no "grey zone" in success with that game; 
either you win a fight with nearly 100% of your health, or you die to 
one or two hits.  Not very forgiving.

The only plans I had for the day involved an "Osa" party going on that 
night, starting around 6:00.  The "Osa" theme of the party pertained to 
a rhyming scheme; anything that rhymes with Osa was part of the party.  
Example: Sammy Sosa and Captain Barbosa masks were on hand, we ate 
Formosa (Thai food) and Samosa (Indian food), and drank Mimosas 
(orange juice and Champagne).  The goal of the drinking was to be able 
to see Caracosa (a mythical South American City).  

I met up with Maureen and Allison around 5:30, and we were at Rosies's 
place a bit early.  So we walked for a bit, then checked out an art 
gallery, and then came upstairs once it was around 6:20 or so... just 
in time for the Formosa to arrive.  To say the party was fun was 
definitely an understatement; we had an amazing time, and even though 
Allison was a bit shy at first, she did finally detach from my side and 
rocked out with the best of them :)  The downside to partying with 
people Rosie's (the hostess) age though, is that the parties start and 
end early.  

BY eleven or so we were heading back to the car, debating what to do 
next.  I was honestly feeling kinda wore out from the day (brain-drain 
from video games, good food at Rosies, and WAY too high humidity), so 
Allison and I just headed back to my place, poured ourselves small 
glasses of drink, put on some music and relaxed for the night, 
alternating between sipping, snuggling, napping and lounging.  After a 
while the music turned itself off somehow (iTunes...), so we took that 
as a sign and turned in for an early night.

Sunday - 

I'm still not sure if it was the heat, the fact that I went to bed 
early the night before, or just general well-rested-ness, but I was up 
and mobile by eight or nine on Sunday morning.  Allison was semi-mobile 
as well, so I took a bit of time to relax on my own before she woke up, 
just relaxing with my thoughts.  Around 9:30 or so we both got up for 
real, and headed down the street to grab breakfast at iHop.  Cue an 
excellent breakfast of Pancakes, Eggs, and Bacon, and my morning was 
quite excellent indeed.  On the way home from breakfast I made the 
round of calls; My Dad, my Stepdad, and my Grandpa (through my Grandma, 
since he can't really use the phone anymore).  Fathers day is excellent, 
though I kind of wish that I had been able to spend some time with any 
of them.

After we got back Allison had to head out, finals were coming up for 
her, so I hunkered down for a game of "Damnit, should I play games, or 
go climbing?".  Games won out, primarily due to the humidity and the 
fact that I was waiting for a call from an old friend who had moved out 
to Sweden.  Dangers of having exciting friends: they travel a lot, and 
finding times that work for everyones time zones can be rather tough.  
We finally worked it out though, and had a nice long conversation about 
everything from work, to relationships, to gangbangs, to rock climbing 
in Europe.  Yep... we're a unique pair, Rebecca and I.

For the rest of the afternoon I took it amazingly lazily; alternating 
between video games, napping, cooking food, and doing some quick 
tabata-protocol workouts (20s super-high-intensity cardio, 10s rest.  
Repeat 8+ times to supposedly equal a full hour of standard cardio).  
For dinner I cooked myself up a fairly simple plate of spaghetti and 
meat sauce, and then headed to bed around midnight or so, not at all 
ready for the upcoming week.

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