Weekend of the 4th through the 6th, February 2011


Well… this was a good weekend.  After last weekends complete lack of any adventure of insanity (hence my not posting anything; all I did was cook random munchies, play Call of Duty, and generally wish my ribs didn’t hurt) this weekend was a refreshing taste of insanity, combined with not having to wake up early 🙂


Friday night was a continuation of my newest standing-adventure; hunting for a new lounge to relax at.  Cigar Masters is a pretty fun place, but it’s a cigar place, and thus not the best for meeting ladies, or taking a female friend.  So the search began, starting with Mike and I, and adding Dave in for Fridays search.  We started at a little Irish pub called Solie ( I think).  It’s a pretty solid little pub, two floors and some sick bartenders.  BUT… not really a lounge.  Though their portion of scotch was rather nice, we ended up heading downstairs to check out the lounge located in the main-floor of the hotel next door.  The hotels personal-pub was called City Bar, and it was packed, but perfect.  Unfortunately it was standing-room-only at that point, so we decided to hit Cigar Masters for a bit to relax and wait out the crowd.  When we went back an hour or so later City Bar was still packed, but the place next to it was opened up a bit, efficiently called “City Table”, since they served food.  We headed in, ordered a few drinks and some snacks, and relaxed out the rest of the night complaining about work, school, ladies, and… pretty much anything that crossed our minds.


Saturday was the day of the Dark Horse competition; an exciting but sad prospect for me since yet again I couldn’t compete due to an injury, but exciting since it’s a SICK competition.  Daniel Woods came along this year for the Pro section, same with Francesca (last years bouldering champion, and resident of Metro Rock), so the pro-comp was going to be a rather epic performance to say the least.  I got there with Maddie just in time to hear the house band (Lady Sasquatch) starting to rock out, and for the first kegs to be tapped.  Yes, there was free music, beer, and climbing.  I seriously cannot think of anything better 🙂 The finals competition was just as epic as expected, with a near-upset (from what It seemed) of Daniel… our Mister Woods nearly got shown up by another boulderer who I’d never met before, though the two of them put on an amazing show of strength and general burlyness.  We hung out for the results, but by that time my rib was really starting to kill, and for some reason my stomach was not in a happy place.  So Maddie and I headed out, I dropped her off, and spent the rest of the night chilling out.  I did take some time to go shopping for the superbowl on Sunday… picking up 10 lbs of pork loin, three full bottles of BBQ sauce, a few pounds of ground beef, cheese, chips, and pretty much everything else a man could want for watching a game.


And an epic Superbowl day it was.  I stumbled out of bed at 8:00 Sunday morning to put the pork into the oven, and immediately went back to bed.  I woke up again to the smell of BBQ and awesome coming from the oven, since Rich and I had already marinated and prepped the pork before I put it in.  Around one I started pulling it apart, and by 1:30 we had a full pot of pulled pork seasoned and slow-cooking, nearly ready to eat.  After and hour or so of cleaning up the place, we popped Wanted into the DVD played, kicked back, and waited for people to show up.  The game itself was pretty sick, and all the food got annihilated scarily quickly; Dave brought some insanity-wings (and some “just-slightly-crazy” wings too, for those non-spice people), as well as a mini-keg and beer, while everyone else brought some form of drink or chip.  Katie and Snowman got there a bit before the kickoff, same with T and Maureen, and Taylor and her friends finally showed up almost an hour into the game… not their fault though, since… umm… yeah, it was just their fault.


So Sunday chilling (and screaming at the TV) commenced in rare fashion, and while we never got around to cooking up the burgers we did chow down on everything else, leaving a pound or two of pork, and a handful of wings leftover once everyone had left.  Nearly all the beers and the full mass of the keg had been drank, and more than one shot of espresso was requested by the end of the night.  I actually ended up getting a fairly nice massage from Maureen too, so… not a complete loss of a night 🙂  But now, back to the work week, to not sleeping nearly enough, and to waiting for this damn rib to heal so I can start climbing again!


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