Friday may 8th, 2009


Whew, Saturday was a good day, but its taken me for-freaking-ever to get some time to write this post. Which is really stupid when you think about it, because I really haven’t done that much since Friday, besides a quick trip to see the Grandparents for mothers day, a run to the Sam Adams brewery, and some minor homework Sunday night. Time just seems to fly during the summer, you know?

Anyways… So Friday I got up and finally got hit in the face with the fact that I would definitely not be going backpacking this weekend. Unless I hid myself in the Blue Hills or the Hammond Pond reservation, I couldn’t get away for a trip, and even if I could (damn you lack of a car!), I had no idea where I could head to. So, instead of hiking and camping through the woods, I hiked the concrete jungle. After a very relaxing morning, I packed up my new backpack (hell Gregory’s are comfortable) with some basics like my climbing shoes, rain gear, water, food, and just enough to leave the main compartment empty but to still have a fair amount of weight in the pack. Cant make it easy on myself you see, thats no fun 🙂 After packing, I headed out the door in the direction of REI, in order to pick up some of the new tents for the gear locker. We had already decided on getting the Kelty Yellowstone 4 for the club, since theres already three of them in the locker and they seem to hold up to the elements and gumbies pretty well. I got two at REI (lucky that I only wanted two, since thats all they had), threw out the boxes, and stuffed them into my pack. They did fit, but only barely; the pack was pretty damn huge once I had it all packed in. But once I got it on my back it actually settled pretty well, and I was off towards EMS, to grab another rope for the locker. However, about halfway there I changed my mind and took a road less traveled; at least I hadn’t traveled it before. It was only a small linkup road, but it was a nice change of scenery for me, and got me a bit farther through Boston than I was initially intending. I actually ran into the advisor for H.E.A.T. on my way to the locker, and got to have a nice, if short, conversation about NU and the clubs within it, along with our “green” initiative. About five miles into the walk I stopped by Northeastern to drop off the tents, and finished up my walk along the orange line and through JP. At one point I’m pretty sure I wandered into an area that… may have been advisable that I stay away from… but it was a quick scare, and I just booked it on through ’till I got back over the hill and onto Huntington, where I picked my way back home and to a fairly delicious dinner. Happy! So even though I missed a weekend of backpacking I did get at least one good day of hiking in, and trading the blank and lonely vistas of the mountains for the living and breathing city was a nice change of pace. I’ll never understand why some people can’t find the beauty thats all around them; the buildings and the people of the city can be just as amazing, if not more. I mean, people built this entire thing. PEOPLE! Look at what we’ve done, and how huge it is! Honestly, if people put their minds and energy to it we could make some amazing things, its just a shame that we can’t make environments that co-exist as well as people in the stories can. A city hidden within a forest? I’d live there any day.

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