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Daniel’s bachelor party – a Richmond Adventure


02-May through 05-May, 2019

Richmond, Virginia

A weekend party.

Daniel’s getting married over Memorial Day, and since we’re all smart enough to know that a good bachelor party will leave bruises we knew that this weekend was the closest that we could be to the wedding, while still giving him time to recover enough after the adventure.

Thursday, 02-May-2019 into Friday, 03-May-2019

I did that thing, again.

You know, the thing that I almost always regret? Where I take a red-eye flight, so that I don’t have to burn an entire day flying from coast to coast?

Well, this time I didn’t regret it!

I landed in Richmond at 8:30am on Friday morning. First things first, I grabbed a coffee.

Then, a Lyft, and then I called Brian, so that he could be ready to let me into the room he’d rented in the Richmond Hostel.

Our goal of the day was to, first, wake me up enough that I could actually be useful. So we went to a diner, we all ate excellent diner food, and I drank a lot of coffee. With me awake, we could now head to the real target – Manchester Wall.

Manchester Wall has nothing to do with the city of Manchester – instead, it’s a series of pillars that once held up a bridge across the James River in Richmond. A bridge that no longer exists, because the Confederate army destroyed it right before Richmond was taken in the Civil War. And now those pillars are bolted, and available for climbing!

(Editors note: the above statement is not quite accurate, as Daniel has informed me. It turns out that the South side of the river James was previously a city called Manchester. And, as such, Manchester wall is the piling of the Richmond-Manchester bridge, on the Manchester side. THANKS, DANIEL)

After climbing we needed food – a brewery called Legends Brewing happened to be right nearby, and also happened to be amazingly delicious… both excellent qualities for a group of sun-drenches, dehydrated, hungry creatures such as ourselves.

*** Honestly, the rest of the weekend was amazing, but I never had a chance to write up a full story about it. Now it’s July, and I still haven’t posted anything… so please forgive the brevity, and enjoy the photo gallery in place of a long winded storytime.***

Friday: climb, legends brewing, traditional southern restaurant for dinner, first Friday, Tom Petty coverband

Saturday: breakfast, go-karts, little ceasars, paintball, showers and painkillers, BBQ, drinks drinks drinks! Small breweries, Tang and Biscuits, barcade, some rooftop bar, regret.

Sunday: regret. Some food, some napping, breakfast, regret, flying home, regret.

Finally leaving New England – driving from Connecticut to Tennessee


29-May & 30-May, Friday and Saturday


Just a quick note about driving down to Tennessee – it wasn’t really anything especially unique, except for the sheer length of the driving that I did in two consecutive days. But… you know, that’s kind of part and parcel for a cross country road trip, right?

Friday, 29-May-2015

  • After leaving Connecticut, I drive far… very far for a single day. Just about 500miles, over the course of 10 hours.
  • I take a mid-length stop once to check on the car’s front bumper and do some quick repairs. Nothing major, just some extra stuff to hold everything where it should be. A cool old dude gives me a quick hand and some advice, & I take some time to do a bit of staff spinning to stretch my muscles.
  • The place I reserved? Excellent campground, though I was a bit worried about bottoming the Mustang out on the trail in. But the site is glorious – directly on the James river with a full secluded campsite just for me. I’d love to bring a group down here and do some canoeing and kayaking sometime…
  • Set up camp, make myself a simple dinner, chill, and head to sleep.


Saturday, 30-May-2015

  • I’ve got a long day of driving, but I let myself wake up slowly… even go for a swim before breakfast.
  • Then, I actually make breakfast… followed by quickly breaking down camp, and moving out!
  • DRIVE! The miles go a lot quicker this time, versus the day before, since I’m not really making any major stops.
  • First thing I do when I get into Chattanooga – I hit an outdoors store called Rock/Creek to get myself a real guide book… but the mission is a failure, since they don’t have one. But they do have a lot of awesome info, a guide to another area, and an impressively tall sales girl in an impressively tiny dress. So I count the trip as a success, overall.
  • Quick stop at Whole Foods to get some groceries… this is where all the redheads live. What. Why are there more redheads in Tennessee than there are in Boston?
  • Head into the campsite & set everything up… But this is NOT like the site from the day before. This is a true RV park. We’re talking gravel everywhere, tiny sites, and huge RVs all around me. Balls. Whatever. Can’t change it, so I’ll set up and be the cool kid in the tent.