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A hike to the Coast! The return of Cape Falcon!


Sunday, 28-Feb-2021

The last few weekends, I’ve been up in the mountains. Snow, cold weather, beautifully crisp air… I love it.

Sometimes, we need a change of scenery though – Sticking with the theme of the weekend, I was hiking with a friend today, and she’d gotten into a crash while snowboarding back on Friday… so she wasn’t quite feeling like hanging out in the snow, which is rather understandable after cracking your helmet after flying through a whiteout.

We went in the other direction, trading cold snow and crisp air for warm breezes and salt spray!

Falcon’s Crest is a fairly short hike, with a surprising amount of mud in that short hike… but it’s a beautiful few miles, with light elevation gain and excellent views. The trees are covered in Moss, the forest is lush and green throughout the year… and while you can’t quite smell the sea air, you can still somehow sense that the ocean is nearby. Maybe it’s the subtle noise of the breakers, or the salt tint to the breeze… I couldn’t quite put a finger on it, but it’s still always an amazing feeling.

We hiked in, avoided as much mud as we could, and enjoyed a nice snack out on the point overlooking the waves.

We hiked back, rested for a while on a bench by the beach, and watched the surfers rock the breaking waves. Having Aliona along, I got to learn quite a bit about the surfers… or more accurately, the waves that they were chasing. That’s what I love about meeting new people, and spending time with friends – you can always learn more about something, if you have someone along for the ride to talk to.

Every activity has such surprising depth to it, and I truly love getting to learn the intricacies behind why people are doing what they’re doing.

After beach-gazing for a while, we headed back to the parking lot for a quick snack before driving back to town – Aliona pulled out a full camp cooking kitchen from the back of her car, and I got to enjoy a rather amazing late-lunch of indian-spiced ramen noodles. Not something I’ve ever thought to try, but it was gloriously delicious – smooth, spicy… an excellent end to a beautifully salt-sprayed day!

Hiking out to Moraine Lake, 01-Sept-2019


Sunday, 01-Sept-2019

Bend, Oregon


It had been a week.

Not one of those good weeks, but the opposite – one of those bad weeks.

A busy, hectic, urbanite nightmare of bad traffic and workplace emergencies that all piled on top of each other into a twisted heap of unhappiness. Thankfully, I didn’t have to stay in that heap – Sarah was still house sitting down in Bend, and as soon as Friday was over I escaped the insanity, driving like mad to escape to the oasis of calm.


The drive itself was glorious – It was clear and warm, and I left the top down for the whole drive.  I left a bit after work, so traffic wasn’t bad at all, and I even found a driving-buddy car who kept pace with me for a good chunk of the drive.  It’s always fun when there’s someone to dodge and weave through traffic with – especially when the traffic is crazy-huge lifted bro trucks that belch smoke when they try to accelerate… and then get completely stomped by two zippy little cars.  Haha, your fancy de-tuned engine isn’t actually more efficient, and you should feel bad.

(Ed Note: for those who might not know, this is a thing.  See “Rolling Coal” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolling_coal)

I did lose my driving buddy south of Mt. Hood though, when I saw a car stopped on the side of the road with their hood up.  I stopped, but thankfully they were okay – it was actually someone waiting for their friend, who had picked up the driver and taken them to a nearby gas station to grab a fill up.

I doubled-down on my good karma gathering when I saw a second car stopped not 5 miles down the road – this time I couldn’t find anyone nearby, and the car looked like someone was just randomly backpacking… Maybe it was an early-season hunter, or something?

Either way, I drove onward to Sarah!



The hike was on Sunday, after we took Saturday to explore Bend and just relax a bit.  Like I mentioned, the week had been singularly unpleasant, and a day off was exactly what the doctor’d ordered.

Sunday, we headed out mid-morning.  Not early, but not late either.  Our original plan had been to head up Tumalo Mountain, but we found out that the trail wasn’t actually dog friendly.  And since we had both Ollie and Scout (our neighbors dog) with us… dog friendly was pretty critical to the adventure.  So we pivoted, and headed toward the Green Lakes trail, to go and explore Moraine Lake.

Green Lakes is one of Sarah and my’s favorite hikes – it’s nestled in between four major glaciated peaks, and always has glorious view.  Moraine Lake is off that main trail by a bit, and so we hadn’t ever checked it out… Since we were taking it easy with the two dogglets, this was the perfect time to explore a bit, and take the road less traveled.

The hike itself was exactly what you’d expect – we trundled, and did a bit more trundling until we stopped trundling at the lake. We also stopped a few times on the way; beautiful sunlight through the trees trapped us once, and exploring some beautiful rock formations caught us another time.  But mostly – we trundled.


I don’t really know what else to write, if I’m being honest.  The hike was lovely, and the views were just as lovely, but the photos really do that part justice… it was a really good hike.  A good chance to get into nature, let the dogs run a bit, and to just rest and relax after a crazy week.

My birthday weekend! The fourth weekend that I’m in Hood River, Oregon, and the West Coast! — Sunday

My birthday weekend! The fourth weekend that I’m in Hood River, Oregon, and the West Coast!  — Sunday

Sunday, 12-July-2015

My actual birthday! And for some reason I don’t go climbing on my birthday. Instead, we wake up, make breakfast, and head toward a trail called Salmon River, down south from Mt. Hood.
Why we picked it… I couldn’t really say – Brian and I had looked through a ton of possible hikes, but for some reason this hike stood out. It had a neat name, a good length, and was a pleasant drive away.

So, we filled up our packs and jumped in the car! But, instead of heading right to the hike, we decide to put the wrong address in the GPS, and get lost along the way. Because we’re cool like that.

And then once we get there, we notice a small sign mentioning that you can’t buy a parking pass at the trailhead. Instead, you have to head back into town and buy a parking pass. So… we crankily drove back into town. But we bought coffee and donuts, and it was ‘kay.

The hike itself? It was actually really pleasant. It followed a river, for the most part, and was nicely Jurassic. That’s a term now, by the way. Means when a hike transports you back to the age of the dinosaurs; the huge ferns, tall trees, and velociraptors hiding in every patch of shadow.

I mean, that last part is an assumption on my part. But I’m pretty sure it’s true.

But so we walked. We talked. We passed a few other groups of people exploring. I don’t know what else to say. Hikes are not really very good for talking about… One of the reasons that I want to read/watch that movie “Wild”… I seriously can’t see what could hold an audience for that long.

Then we got to a small slab of rock alongside the trail. With rock climbers! But we didn’t have any gear. So we just watched and cheered them on for a few minutes, before moseying on our way, deeper into the prehistoric jungle.

We even stopped to skip stones, before turning back and heading home. On the way we did stop into a “snow pulloff” thing on the Mt. Hood approach, where we bouldered around for a bit, and I even gave Brian the chance to practice driving a manual transmission car, even though I thought I’d learned my lesson when I let his brother stall the poor Mustang out half a dozen times in the Jordan’s Furniture parking lot…

But Brian did ok, and the car survived another day. Long enough to get us back to Hood River, where we had a delicious dinner at the Mesquitery and excellent wine at… a place… with wine? I don’t remember the name. But it was tasty.