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Halloween 2013


Saturday, 26-Oct-13


What should I be for Halloween this year… It’s the age-old question that everyone aged 15 to 45 asks themselves.  Before that, your parents choose your costume.  After that… well, you’re probably not… ohh who am I kidding?  We’re all stuck with this question until we’re in the ground.

This year, I wanted something special… yet easy.  And especially important – something that fits with dreadlocks.

Well, easy means missmatched and something that doesn’t need an attention to detail.  And dreads means long unkempt hair.

Those meant Heath Ledgers version of the Joker.


  • Terese comes over my place a bit early, and dresses herself up in her costume – Amy from Big Bang Theory
  • Putting on my makeup takes forever!  This shit is hard!  How do girls do this every day?  Ohh yeah… probably by not having full coverage on their face 😛
  • Thankfully the party that we’re heading to is pretty close, so it’s a nice and short walk.  But it is kind of cold… WOO for an excuse to wear the Trench Coat!
  • We finally arrive and… People think I’m a zombie?  Huh?  What?  It’s not that difficult people…
  • Wow awesome food!
  • Hang out, coordinate a few sword duels between people.  Because I’m the Joker
  • Relax, have fun, good Halloween
  • Roll home.  Yay walking!