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Hiking Cape Horn. In the rain. Hiking stupid cape stupid.


Sunday, 07-October-2018

I didn’t like Cape Horn. Sarah didn’t like Cape Horn. Ollie loved Cape Horn, but also hated Cape Horn.

It was long, not super pretty, near the highway, it was raining, and Ben and Sarah wouldn’t let Ollie jump off the 100+ft cliff. Jerks. There was a Snickers bar halfway down. Ollie’s confident she could have gotten it.

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I think we were just kind of worn down from the week before, and we definitely weren’t super energetic about the whole situation. Also, we ate Burger King for breakfast. Also Starbucks. We ate two fast food breakfasts. Around 10:00. So… Brunch. We made poor life decisions.

Those decisions, regarding food, definitely didn’t help us power through the hike. But power through we did, crushing the miles and switchbacks. We went fairly slowly, to be fair, but we did keep going. That’s the key, right? Showing up and giving it your best, day in and day out?

Ollie… Ollie didn’t go slowly. She zoomed. Nonstop.

The viewpoint came, and the viewpoint went. The views were honestly lovely and amazing, but they weren’t quite enough to redeem the hike for us. They were great, yeah, but we’d lived in Hood River for a year, two for me. I’d somehow gotten almost immune to the views? Or the rainy mist was getting to me, one or the other.

Something that was amazing?

Sandwiches while watching a barge maneuver around the shallows. We’ve been rocking the baguette sandwiches recently – prosciutto, brie, and apple slices on a fresh sea salt and rosemary baguette. No mist or slimy trail could beat that kind of sandwich!

We hiked it. A little over seven miles. Up and down and around. Some good views, some good food, lots of switchbacks. Ehh. I know we’ll appreciate it later in the week, when we’re all strong, but for now… Ehh. We got out of the house and got moving.

And sometimes that’s enough of a victory in itself.

A weekend of relaxed adventures… or: Winter is upon us, so trips become smaller

Saturday, 07-November-15
Saturday: hike Starvation Creek with Dave and Anthony, get pizza afterward, Ollie does well
So Winter in the Columbia River Gorge is a lot different than the Winter that I’m used to from New England.  As of November, it had basically just been a series of gross, rainy, cloudy, and unpleasantly cool / wet days.  We hadn’t had any snow, and it hadn’t gotten cold enough to have that really *crisp* feel of New England early winter.
So, a group of us got together and did some hiking.
Ollie, the dog that Sarah had just adopted earlier in the week, was coming along with us – this was set up to be her introduction to mountain hiking, and we were curious how she’d fare.  Ollie is basically a black lab, with a generous portion of border collie mixed in for good measure… so we weren’t particularly worried about her keeping up.  The worry was how long she’d be able to do so – she was still a puppy, after all.
So we all met up at the trailhead for Starvation Creek – Myself, Sarah, Ollie, our friend Dave, and my coworker Anthony.
The trail itself was, in a word, steep.  By steep, I mean “ohh my lord how am I still walking upward?  How many more up can I hike?”.  But we pressed through, and got some amazing views for our effort.  After a few hours Sarah and Dave headed back with Ollie, since she was starting to lag behind a bit, and Anthony and I continued on for the summit.
Which we totally reached.  We definitely didn’t turn around maybe a mile or two after splitting ways with Dave and Sarah.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.
To celebrate our totally actual and legitimate summit, we all ate some pizza.  It was delicious.