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Test Driving a Mustang… why not?


Labor Day, Monday 03SEP12


I want a Mustang.

I’ve wanted one since I rented one off Hertz for the roadtrip through the southwest, back in 2011. I had a blast tearing through the open desert with it, and now that I’m back in the States and done with traveling for at least a bit of time, I want to be able to tear through the world like that every day.

But, I don’t have a job yet.

And, unfortunately, I’m no gullible enough to get one of the ludicrous payment plan deals that the dealerships offer me.

So whats a greedy little climber like myself to do? Test drive one, of course.

And so, I found myself outside the only dealership within 75miles that had almost exactly what I wanted. A 2007 GT Premium, convertible with a manual transmission. Seriously – why would you ever buy a muscle car with an automatic gearbox? I mean, seriously.

We chatted with the dealer for a bit, he ran my license (clear, I’ll have you know), and then left for a bit to pull it up. He even parked it right in the bay, so we wouldn’t have to go outside. Though we were about to get into a convertible, so I don’t really know why he thought we wouldn’t want to be outside.

But anyways, we were on the road. I had spent a few minutes playing around with the options (you’d be surprised how small of a blind-stop it has with the top up), but I could only take a little while of that. I needed to hear the engine roar.

I’ve driven V8’s before. Hell, I think I actually drove a V10 at one point. But none of those have been in a sports car, and none of them have packed quite the kick that this did. I brought us to a near-stop one the on-ramp of the highway, and floored it.

And was melted back into the seat. Seriously, I was a bit concerned for my bone structure… or would have been if I wasn’t too busy grinning like a maniac.

For the next 3 gallons (I didn’t keep track of time, but did watch the fuel gauge) we tore up and down the Mass Pike. I never topped the speed out, since the dealer was in the car, but I did merge a bit quicker than I usually would, and I definitely took the turn for the off-ramp way quicker than the highway administration intended it to be taken.

Honestly, I had a blast. I had to spend almost an hour afterward listening to the dealers sales pitch (not a bad one, to be honest), before I headed back home.

Now, some people would say this is silly.

Some people would say it’s just hurting yourself, by playing with something you can’t actually have.

But to those people, I laugh.

This wasn’t to torture myself, nor was it just so I could “feel rich”. This was to whet my appetite. I will have an awesome job soon. And why I do, I will get the car of my dreams. This was simply a quick reminder of what the future holds for me.