A Roman dinner… that isn’t actually Roman


Sunday, 02-July-2023

**Warning – Food post, includes the meats**

Ever since visiting Rome, I’ve loved the idea of cooking more traditional Roman dinners. Not Italian dinners, mind you… Roman.

As in, ancient Rome. Old-school.

I had the opportunity to try an option out one Sunday that I thought was a Roman style… I did some research, confirmed that asparagus and beef were found in Italy at the time (or near enough), and then added polenta because obviously that’s Roman… and cooked it all up!

Turns out – Not so accurate.

Romans didn’t eat beef – they used oxen as beasts of burden, but didn’t eat them.
Romans didn’t eat polenta – it’s actually corn based, which was native to North America.
Romans did totally eat asparagus and drink wine, though, so… win?

Anyways it was delicious and I enjoyed it.

We had ice cream afterward. Not Roman. Yes delicious.

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