Punk in Portland!


Thursday, 03-Mar-2022

I went to a concert! An actual, real-life, down-and-dirty punk show!

The last show I went to was… what, October? Delta Rae, if I’m remembering right… And while I definitely love seeing Delta Rae in concert, it’s definitely a mellow type of show. Great energy, great music, and tons of positive energy…

But a punk show has a completely different energy. It has volume. It has rhythm, and it has a raw power that I can’t quite describe.

I’ve been to some shows before, of course – Rancid is definitely a type of punk, but more punk-rock than pure punk. I think. Honestly, I’m just parroting what my friend told me when he invited me along – his Brother-in-Law is in one of the bands, and he seemed psyched to see them. The tickets were cheap, it was a venue I hadn’t been to before…

Heck, absolutely no reason not to go, right?

Full disclosure, I can’t tell you if it was good or bad.

I can tell you that I had a blast, and I can tell you that’d I’d definitely go again… but I also have to tell you that I’d probably bring some earplugs to dampen the impact a little bit. It was fun, and I went home happily exhausted after rocking out to their set… but I also went home with ringing ears – a ringing that definitely took a day or two to quiet.

Worth it.

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