A wedding weekend! Part 4 – Visiting with Family, and Flying home


Wednesday, 03-Nov-2021 through Monday, 08-Nov-2021

My friends Dillon and Liz are getting married!!! It’s been on the books for a while now, so it’s kind of strange to think that it’s finally happening… but this is the weekend! This is the day!

The bachelor party was a hit, the suit was tailored, and anything that I needed had already been bought. The photobook was made, and I’d checked in with Dillon and Liz to make sure there wasn’t anything else left that I could help with. My speech was mostly written, and I was as ready as I’d ever be.

All that was left was to show up, and help out in any way that I could!

Sunday, 08-Nov-2021

(Actually starting on Saturday evening)

((the 7th))

(((Of November, 2021)))

After getting home, I spent some time chatting, catching up, and filling my Mom and Stepdad in about how the wedding had gone… but the first evening back home with them after the wedding was mostly just spent saying hi, and then heading to bed. It’d been a busy few days, and I’ll freely admit that I got home a bit later than I’d planned.

Like… five hours later that I’d planned.

The next day, though, we had more than enough time to chat and catch up on stories from everyone’s lives – We drove out to visit our family out in Central Mass!

Long drives are excellent for catching up, if I do say so myself, and this one was no exception. Two hours, give or take, gave me enough time to hear all about how various projects were going… and for me to fill them in on all the excellent details from the wedding earlier in the weekend. It’s something that I do miss, from living back in Massachusetts… just having long tracts of time together gives more of a chance to really talk about the details of peoples, move than just the quick 1-hour summary of the last week or three.

The drive was lovely, is what I’m getting at.

After we arrived was no less lovely, of course. In keeping with Jewish Tradition ™ we had a huge buffet of takeout Chinese food. With no offence to Oregonian takeout, there’s just something about the Chinese takeout from back home that really hits the spot. It was excellent, delicious, and beautifully reminiscent of countless family dinners. We talked, we ate, and I got to meet my newest cousin!

There’s not much else to say, here… It’s sort of like going for a hike, visiting with family. It’s excellent in the moment, and always leaves you feeling great, but when you think back to recall the specific details… you find that they don’t quite matter as much as the feeling that you got from those details.

The sunset, however, is something I can share a bit more easily….

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