A wedding weekend! Part 1 – The Flight, and the pre-wedding prep


Wednesday, 03-Nov-2021 through Monday, 08-Nov-2021

My friends Dillon and Liz are getting married!!! It’s been on the books for a while now, so it’s kind of strange to think that it’s finally happening… but this is the weekend! This is the day!

The bachelor party was a hit, the suit was tailored, and anything that I needed had already been bought. The photobook was made, and I’d checked in with Dillon and Liz to make sure there wasn’t anything else left that I could help with. My speech was mostly written, and I was as ready as I’d ever be.

All that was left was to show up, and help out in any way that I could!

Wednesday & Thursday, 03-Nov-2021

I walked into the Providence Library, where Dillon and Liz were holding the rehearsal ceremony, wearing a cloak. My wizards staff tapped pace beside me, on the hard marble floor. Onlookers gawked, Dillon grinned, and Liz stood agape.

Slowly, people looked over… and a fit of giggles wracked the room.

Now don’t quote me too directly on those details – I’m pretty sure that’s what happened, but bear in mind that I was wearing a cloak and carrying a wizards staff. So my recollection of specific details may be a bit fuzzy due to the magical aura surrounding me.

<Magical rewind to the beginning of the trip>

The weekend of my friends wedding was finally here! I was the Best Man for Dillon and Liz, who were getting married in Providence, Rhode Island, and it was my job to help make sure things happened right. Liz and Dillon had planned everything out beautifully, and I was on-station to just help un-tangle whatever unexpected tangles happened.

Knowing that everything would be busy and hectic, I conferred with Dillon as I was packing up my suitcases, “I feel like the rehearsal may need some levity… Liz said I could wear anything I want, so what do you think about a wizard outfit?” “Yes! Do it!” And into my bag, the cloak went.

I flew into Boston on Wednesday, landing just about Midnight. My Stepdad picked me up, and we got the chance to catch up (and eat some amazing BBQ!) until mid-day on Thursday. Since the wedding was on Friday, Thursday evening was set aside for rehearsal, confirming details, and all the other pre-wedding things that needed to happen ahead of time.

It was an excellent day – Not a cloud in the sky, nice and cold… basically, a top-of-the-line New England Autumn day. The rehearsal went beautifully, the hotel was amazing, and the rehearsal dinner was super fun. I got to walk over with some friends I hadn’t seen in ages, got to meet the whole family at the dinner, and caught up with tons of people that I hadn’t seen in way too long.

As always, weddings are an amazing chance to catch up with everyone, and I’m absolutely grateful for the chance every time 🙂

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  1. Yay… “Bunderrr” !!!
    (A REAL LIFE Velveteen Rabbit story)
    Sorry, I know this story is about Dillon and Liz getting married, but I just couldn’t avoid the nod to our boyhood superhero.
    Love & Hugs, Dad

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