A shift in July plans – Climbing on my Birthday!


Monday, 12-July-2021

The original plan for my Birthday this year was to climb Devil’s Tower.

That… didn’t quite happen exactly when it was planned, though I’m still holding out home that I’ll be able to make it happen in early September… but that doesn’t really help Birthday-Ben, does it?

No, no it does not.

Thankfully, being on the East Coast, I had friends and family to help me celebrate!

Honestly, there aren’t really many pictures of the adventures. Too busy adventuring, don’t’cha’know?

But to give a quick overview:

I headed into Boston for the day – Daniel and I had planned on climbing at Rumney, or maybe North Conway, but unfortunately the weather in New England is an unpredictable as it is fickle… and whereas it had originally been pretty and clear, the sky had opened up and rain was pouring down as I drove in.

We’d discussed renting mountain bikes, but… rain. Mud. Rental place not being down with letting bikes out.

So instead we just took a chill day – we got a nice cup of coffee and a pastry (after I had a fancy birthday breakfast, a-la Mom!), and then headed to the climbing gym! I finally got to lead again, for the first time in months!

Then, adding good to better, we went to dinner! Nice Boston Italian, out with friends…


Absolutely beautiful!

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