Gardening in an apartment, Part 2 – Summer, 2021


Late spring, 2021

A bit ago, I posted a couple pictures of the garden that I’ve gotten going on my balcony. It’s not the biggest garden I’ve cared for, but it’s not the smallest either… and what matters is that it’s mine, and that it’s still growing beautifully.

So far I’d been mostly just keeping things moving, but earlier this week I felt my thumb starting to itch in that “Hey, maybe it’s actually a little bit green!” sort of way. Not that I was 100% confident, but… my confidence interval was enough that I headed to the garden store and picked up some new friends to take home.

Specifically – A new Sunflower plant, and some peas!

See, my pea plants had been doing gloriously. Brian had been enjoying foraging, and he, Laurel, and myself had gorged ourselves on every little pea we could find this last weekend. Which… honestly wasn’t a huge number of peas, but you know what? That’s totally okay! There were enough for a few each, and that’s what matters.

Now, I had more!

Of note, I feel really sneaky and smart about one specific setup that I’ve gotten going – the sunflower that I picked up? I planted peas all around it! Hopefully it’ll grow up quickly enough to be a stalk for them as they grow too… but even if not, it’ll be a super cool setup, won’t it?

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