A Scotland Adventure – Part 8, Fairy Pools and Sligachan Bridge


Hello, and welcome back to your annual story time of Ben and Sarah’s international adventures! Keeping with the tradition of the last few years, Sarah and I visited with her family, this year going back to Scotland.


Tuesday, 31-Dec-2019


Our last day in Skye was, frustratingly to all involved, some of the best weather of the whole trip.

Our main plan for the day was to get back to Aberdeen – but we couldn’t let the amazing weather pass by without getting some last minute views of Skye!  We picked two adventure spots on the drive out – The fairy Pools, and the Sligachan bridge!


The two were gorgeous!  Both places had amazing views of their respective Cuillins, and the sunlight breaking through the clouds gave the whole vista an amazing ephemerical feel… I’ve said it before in these posts, but Skye just seems like a fairy world – I completely understand why so many myths and legends sprung up in Scotland.  Maybe it’s the variance between the rough seas and beautiful hillsides, or maybe it’s the extreme length of the golden hour due to the high latitude.

Whatever the reason, the pictures below speak louder than any descriptions I could write.  Enjoy!






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