Joshua Tree, March 2019 – The superbloom


Thursday through Sunday, 21-Mar to 24-Mar-2019

Ohh man, we’re going climbing!!!

It’s been ages since Sarah and I were able to go on a dedicated climbing trip together – with the New Year successfully rung in, vacation days saved up, and strength and health in our limbs, it was time to get back on the plane and get some rock under our feet.  I set up flights, rented a truck, and we set off toward Joshua Tree…

This post will be broken up into three sections: Joshua Tree itself, Climbing, and the superbloom.  We took a lot of pictures, so… trust me.  This is for the best.


Joshua tree has a superbloom going on.  Or, while we were there, there was a superbloom.

Basically, the desert got a lot more rain than usual (Congrats California!), and everything decided, “Hey, now’s a pretty good time to flower and grow and be all kinds of energetic!”.  And so all the plans were happy.  And the Sarah was happy, because Sarah’s love flowers.  And the Ben was happy, because Ben’s also love flowers, and also also love seeing happy Sarahs!

We frolicked, and took pictures, and saw sunsets, and… well, the photos speak for themselves.  It was amazing, and intensely beautiful – it seriously looked like the entire desert had been invaded by growth – from the huge pineapple-sized flowers on the Joshua Trees to the tiny little while blossoms in the desert…



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