Hiking the Wildwood trail, forest park


Throughout the summer and fall, 2017


Something that I love about Portland is the amount of green space in and around the city.  Boston has this too, of course, but it’s not quite as pervasive… and while the Blue Hills reservation and the Fells are both beautiful, they’re not quite as large as some of the parks here in Portland.

Because of that, I’d taken a fair bit of time to explore the Wildwood Trail in Portland’s Forest Park.  The trail itself is almost exactly 30 miles; hiking it all in one go is one of my big goals for my knee recovery, though for now we’ve been hiking short spurts of it with Ollie.


It’s a great time; Ollie loves it, and I enjoy just how quiet and removed from the rest of the city it seems to be… while it’s not actually that far away, the density of the trees really insulate you from the noise of the masses.

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