Hiking out to ZigZag canyon

Hiking out to ZigZag canyon

A pre-moving hike… because before you move, you should get moving!  Haha I’m so funny.

Tuesday, 17-July-2017


Sarah and I spent most of July either cleaning the house in Portland, or packing up the house in Hood River.  With my contract complete, there wasn’t any reason to renew out lease, which meant dealing with the whole lovely task of moving an entire house worth of stuff 60-something miles.

But that’s part of the game.  Another part of the game is taking some time off from that first part of the game.  And to do that, we hiked up the side of Mt. Hood.

Specifically, we hiked out to Zig Zag canyon – a hike that my Dad and I had done most of earlier last year… but hadn’t been able finish up at the time.  I was looking forward to heading out to see the full Zig Zag Canyon, and even more looking forward to the flowers and the pure enjoyment of hiking at elevation.


We started in at the Timberline Lodge… significantly different than when my Dad and I hiked it.  I’ll admit, He and I should have asked Sarah for more specific directions, because Sarah took us right to the trailhead instead of the circuitous route that my Dad and I took that time last fall.

It’s all good though, because this was a beautiful chance to explore the mountain and get some elevation under our boots.

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