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Christmas and New Years break, 2016 into 2017: The Train to Aberdeen


Train to Aberdeen

Friday, 23-Dec-2016 into Saturday, 24-Dec-2016

I’m going to be honest here… I had a lot of misconceptions about this train. The size, the quality of the breakfast, how much the rocking would make my stomach into something more resembling an unhappy stomach… yeah.

I mean, it wasn’t the worst. Sarah and I got to the station with a fair bit of time to spare, so we were able to relax for a bit and settle into our bunk before we got underway. It was a quite small bunk, but still. Adventure!

Aside? I don’t really know what to write about it. It was a train ride, and we slept through most of it. I got a little motion sick, since our bunk faced backwards, but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t ignore through some sleep.

Breakfast was a bit weak… especially after all the amazing pictures that they’d posted on their website. We were expecting a full Scottish fry up – eggs, sausage, steaky bacon, tomatoes, hash browns, and haggis. Instead… we got a small takeaway container of microwaved food. It technically had all of the components… but in much smaller and less appetizing quantities.

Thankfully, after Bill and Greta picked us up from the train, we had second breakfast at the house! Pecan waffles with everyone definitely helped make the train ride better.