An amazing date night in Portland!


Friday, 16-October-2015

In retrospect, this was actually an anniversary date.  I mean… people do monthly anniversaries for the first year or so, right?  Sarah and I aren’t just crazy?  No?  We’re actually crazy?

Yeah, I kind of guessed.


Whatever, it was fun.  And like we needed an excuse to get dressed up and find a fancy restaurant anyways.  

Sarah slid into an awesome dress, and I buttoned up a nice shirt and a vest.  We locked out feet into our bikes, and started pedaling out into the city!


First stop was dinner at a French place called Navarre – where we did a tasting dinner of a few small plates.  My favorite was the Braised rabbit, but the Lamb stew, chantrelle salad, and heirloom tomato salad were pretty damn amazing as well.  


Next up was dessert, clearly.  Sarah lead us to a small place called Pix, a Patisserie that’s both a dessert place and a bar.  We already had drink plans set up for later, so we just had a few small desserts to finish up the meal… specifically an amazing Blueberry cheesecake eclaire (droooool) and chocolate truffle cake, A la mode.  Vanilla Ice Cream!  With chocolate cake!  Yes please.

Up until our next stop we’d been pretty nicely dressed for the venue.  Not over dressed, per se, but still nicely dressed.  Then we arrived at the door, asked the doorman to set us, and sat down for our drinks at the Secret Society.  

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