Hanging out in Davis (California, not Square) – Part 1


Friday, 12-June-2015

I’d been noticing the fields as I drove out of Yosemite Valley and into the plains of California. The Midwest had been green; way greener than I’d expected. Dave and Jig’s hard reminded me that it was the end of the growing season, so that everything was in bloom.

California was not in bloom. The fields to either side of me were straw colored – not amber waves of grain, but the tan of dried grass being used as tinder to start a fire.

Wow. Why am I being so poetic? Meh. Sorry, but I’m not actually sorry.

I could tell that I was driving into Davis when the fields turned back to green; I saw irrigation systems working, and the air got a little more pleasant – not cool, but a little bit more tolerable than the scorching heat.

I got to Mike’s house maybe 10min earlier than he did, so I just relaxed creepily outside his house – I assumed that no one was home, so I didn’t bother knocking or anything. I was wrong, but his roommates were cool and just made a little fun of me when Mike arrived and let me in.

Then we were back on the road, heading into Davis itself to grab dinner – Mike, his girlfriend Liz, and myself.

Quick synopsis:

  • Dinner = Bistro 33 / City Hall ← A great restaurant, with good beers and delicious sandwiches for dinner. Fries were good too, but the meal… ohh man.
  • Liz had an early morning coming up, so Mike and I dropped her off at home, then headed back out for adventures on the town!
  • Beers = University of Beers, DeVires, G-Street Wonderbar. We hit them all, but didn’t stay at any one for any real amount of time. I don’t think we even got a beer at Wonderbar, since it was so crowded and full of people
    The other two were excellent – beer is one of the things I was excited about, in regards to living on the West coast. We do good beer in Boston… but they do excellent beer out in Northern California and Oregon.
  • The stock of bars burned through (yeah, we literally hit them all. Go us!) Mike and I headed back to his house. But it was still something resembling early, so we rocked some Mario Kart, beer, and shooting the shit before actually crashing.

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