Driving from Arizona into Utah – to the gates of Zion



Sunday, 07-Jun

The drive isn’t bad at all, actually – I Headed out from Arizona pretty early, so I got a good head start on the day…. I don’t remember the drive at all, really. Damn. I mean… there’s not that much to remember, I guess.

The drive was a simple one – it was a little over 400miles, though I didn’t plan on stopping much at all along the way. Just gas, really… advantage of leaving from my Step-mom was that she made sure I was well stocked before I even turned a key to the car.

I mean – I had sandwiches. And I don’t mean one or two. I had two ziplock bags of sliders – six ham and cheese mini-sandwiches in all. I had our leftovers too – a quarter of a turkey club, and a quarter of a bacon cheeseburger. I had a thermos full of extra-strong coffee, and a few snacks aside. Yep, I was ready for the drive.

So… I drove. Long and hard. I stopped for gas, then kept driving. I didn’t have to stop to repair the roof, thanks to the beautiful day and a hefty dose of sunscreen.

The only adventure came when I realized that I was on a desolate road. I mean… they’ve all been semi-desolate, but this one was serious business. 75 miles between gas stations. I had 100miles in the tank, but it was still one of those “man… I should have filled up earlier” situations.

It ended fine, obviously (since i’m here writing this), and so I kept moving along until I started seeing the first signs for Zion National Park…

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