Adventures in New York – A quick note on running solo.

Adventures in New York – A quick note on running solo.

Monday and Tuesday, 25-May & 26-May


After out hike, Marla and Bear headed out I was left solo. It was actually early enough that I could theoretically have headed down to my Grandma’s house in lower New York; but I decided against it.

See, this would be the first night of my roadtrip camping alone. As Marla and Bear left, I was starting to feel the twinges of homesickness and “I’m all alone ahh!” in my gut, so I knew that I should face them head-on now, when I was going to be seeing friends and family immediately after.

Dealing with it on my way down South, when I’d be running solo for almost a week, would not be a good plan. At least in my book.


So, I stayed. I hung out, and made second dinner on my campstove. I watched a movie on my laptop, and did a lot of writing.

Basically, I distracted myself.

And it worked. The next morning, I was feeling good – really good – about the trip. I knew that I’d have a slightly rough time of it sometimes, and that things would happen (as they always do), but that in the end I’d be doing pretty well.

I enjoy camping out alone, and I just needed to remind myself of that fact 🙂

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