Roommate date night, complete with Chinese and Anime!


Friday, 21-Mar-14


So, Harvey House has a tradition of ordering in Chinese food, buying a bottle of Sake, and putting something Asian-inspires on the TV.  Last time it was Kung Fu Hustle, this time it was FLCL.

If you haven’t seen it, FLCL is a messed up show.  It’s a mini-series of sorts, very anime style, but with sometimes conflicting forms of animation / artistic design.  Its… unique.  But it’s focused strongly around the music and soundtrack… so when you’re tired after a week of insanity, and you’ve got good food and better drink in front of you.  Well, then it’s perfect.  I just set my brain to “go mode”, sat back, and relaxed as we watched it and got more and more confused as to what the hell was actually happening.

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