Pie-Day Pie-Off, an apple pie baking competition!


Friday, 14-Mar-2014

When someone insults a family member, that is cause to throw down.

When someone insults a family member’s food, that is a cause to throw down.

So when Chirag told me that my Mom’s trick to making an apple pie sounded less than ideal… well, I threw down.  To paraphrase Willem Dafoe, from Boondock Saints, “There was a bake off!”

I picked Chirag up from his office Friday night, and we quickly made our way to the grocery store to pick up ingredients.  The party that we were attending wasn’t slated to start until 8:00, so we figured that we had enough time to relax and give the pies enough oven-time to really get good.  We we went about cooking and prepping – clearing out the kitchen, flouring the counters, and mixing up the pie crust… in my case at least.  In Chirag’s case, he just took his crust out of the wrapping, and left it out to thaw.  Because clearly pre-made frozen pie crust is superior to home-made.  Right…

Anyways, long story short, the baking ended up taking nearly an hour longer than planned, and we showed up to the party ready to see who’s recipe was found to be best…

In the end, the filling was where the victory ended up coming from.  While my crust was found to be the greatest thing ever made, I had forgotten to put butt-tons of sugar into my filling… thus leaving me with a strongly tart flavor.  Chirag, on the other hand, threw down perfectly and had made a sweet, yet cinnamon-y filling that was (Fine, I admit it) superior to both mine and the other entries.



The “Naomi Price official fancy Apple Pie Recipe”

Ed Note: Certain portions of this recipe have been redacted, so as to not share confidential family recipe information

Crust Recipe, prepared ahead of time and —————————-

— Cups Flour

— Tbsp salt

— Cups Sugar




Combine —— and ——– in a large bowl, and then add ————————–




Mix the ingredients together, and then let sit for ——————-After which


———————————Bake for —minutes in oven, at ——–deg.F——–



— Apples, preferably ———– type apples

Combine —— and ———-in a large bowl, making sure to stir completely, and

—————-.  Afterward, using a large mixing spoon ——————————-

——-Until ——————————–And then gently place————————

——–Bake for —minutes in oven, at ——–deg.F————————————

———————-Carefully remove the pie from the oven, let cool for —– minutes,

and serve garnished with ————-.  Enjoy!

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