Christmas in Arizona: A relaxing day prepping for Christmas and relaxing.


A southwestern Christmas – Vacation in Arizona

Sunday, 22-Dec-13 through Saturday, 28-Dec-13



Monday, 23-Dec-13

  • Up and at em early! 10:00, nice! I’m actually getting used to waking up early! … ohh wait, time difference. 13:00 my time. Oops. Yeah… still in college mode, I guess. Darn.
  • But it’s ok, sleeping late is a good thing on vacation. So I hang out a bit, take a shower, and take a nice walk around the complex with my dad and the puppies. Breakfast and coffee finish out the relaxing and slow morning. A good start to vacation.
  • Dad and I chat and hang out a bit, then make a simple lunch of sandwiches and more coffee (note the trend here), then I set up a chair in the back yard and sit in the sun writing and playing flash games on the iPod… amazing! I needed the sunlight, I’d forgotten how excellent it is. Definitely makes me miss fall / summer.
  • After relaxing a bit more, I head out with Dad to mail my car payment, since it had been soaked in Gin on Friday. Thankfully I’d left it in a plastic baggie full of rice, so it’s nicely dried out by now… wonder how the rice tastes though. Guess I’ll find out someday.
  • We hit the post office roughly 20min before it closes, and get the mail in the box right on time. From there we head over to Home Depot to look at components for a project, then back home for dinner!
  • Dinner is made by Denise, and it’s a full-sized three-pound seared roast… I think I need to learn how to make this. It’s amazing – cooked fast on the grill, so the outside is lightly charred, and the inside is a perfect warm red. We eat while watching old Christmas movies; I finally get to watch Christmas in St. Louis & The Bells of Saint Marys! Denise and Marlon rave about these, so I’ve heard about them for years. They definitely live up to the hype though.
  • We all hang out and chat a bit more, then an early bedtime so’s we can get moving earlier in the morning.

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