The start to Christmas – A work party and a normal party


Friday, 20-Dec-13

  •  I end up leaving work a bit later than I should have – my boss and a few others headed toward the restaurant, but I stayed a bit late to get wheels turning while I’m away. See… the whole company’s shut down over Christmas week… but our vendors and clients aren’t. So I wanted to make sure that stuff would still happen, even if we weren’t there.
  • I finally roll out, and head down the street to link up with all the Artisan folks at a place called the Copper House Tavern – the same place we did the Thanksgiving meet up at. It’s a nice place – good appetizers, good pizza, and terrific beer / drinks.
  • As is traditional, I chow down on the nachos that we’ve ordered for the table, while drinking away at an Irish Coffee. I cannot complain, and it is absolutely excellent. We all chat, make fun of each other, and run into a few situations where I take a minute to realize that it’s my boss down at the other end of the table. It’s fun, and the climate is a big part of why I like Artisan so much.
  • I head out a bit earlier than the rest, so that I can pick my friend Emma up at her place before the next party that I’ve got scheduled for tonight.
  • It’s a long drive with tons of traffic, but I do finally meet up with Emma in Southie. I park, we relax a bit, Emma shows off her apartment (holy crap, this girl has a SWEET place!) then We drop the top on the car and roll out toward Liz’s place.
  • Park the car at my house, and head in quick to mix up a mason jar of Gin & Tonic for ourselves. BYOB, you understand, means that we bring a classy drink. Because we are classy people.
  • Walk over to the party, chat, and when we arrive I reach into my pack and pull out half a mason jar of Gin & Tonic… shit. That’s not right. Where’s the rest? Ohh. My kindle has the rest. It’s spilled out all over my bag and everything in it. Excellent.
  • I do my best to clean everything up, without spending a huge amount of time (or too many of Liz’s cleaning supplies) on it. Finally get back to the party after a little bit… though everything’s still a bit damp.
  • Hang out, gnosh on foods that the supreme Hostess, Liz, has made. Seriously – she apologized when we walked in that not everything was ready… and she had like four plates of snacks and a table full of drinks waiting for us.
  • Chat and relax and hang out with everyone
  • People practicing juggling, and lots of conversations about Burning Man occur, for some reason. Kind of strange, since I’d just spent the day before chatting with someone else about that. Huh. But sure, why not? It’s a cool subject, and I greatly enjoy myself.
  • But I do roll out after a bit. Parties are awesome, but after a full week of stuff I need to spend the rest of the night relaxing… just chilling and not spending any energy. It’s nice, and I enjoy it completely.

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