A quick NUHOCy trip to Quincy



Tuesday, 14-May-13

  • Just a quick after-work jaunt to Quincy for some climbing, nothing too crazy.  I-95 takes me through to I-93, though I’m followed by some ominous looking clouds.
  • Alex set this up as a “get people into climbing” clinic – it works well, it seems!  A fair number of people showed up, and I help Alex keep everyone moving and on the wall.
  • Climbing!
    • Sorority rock gets a good bit of action – I even get to teach a few new folks about the intricacies of heel-hooking
    • The diving board is attempted… and I run it clean (ok, fine.  One fall).  Proud of myself
    • Nothing much more… just a quick climb before heading home.

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