A chill weekend at the end of April


27 & 28 APR-13


Steak and eggs make an excellent breakfast, and after a long and boring week there’s nothing quite like a relaxed weekend where I don’t try to get anything crazy done.  Just relax and let the river take me where it will…

Saturday, 27-Apr-13

  • The morning that starts with Steak and Eggs is a good morning.  I’d tried to make ribeye the night before on the small grill, and unfortunately it didn’t really work out so much – the grill got hot, but didn’t really have enough thermal energy to heat the steak all the way through.  Raw steak isn’t delicious… but re-cooked ribeye with eggs definitely is.
  • After relaxing on the verana, Marla and I get up on the bikes and go out exploring.  See… we’d been hearing music all morning, and I was curious where it was coming from.  So we set off to find out.
    • We never did find it.  Instead, we found a nice long bike ride.  Through Davis, around Porter, and out past Alewife.  We didn’t go for efficiency, or even sane pathing.  Instead, we just biked where we could, sometimes stopping to hear in which direction the music was loudest.
    • On the ride, we talked about what to do with the afternoon.  Kayaking came up once or twice, so when we found ourselves back home we looked at each other, winked, and ran off to get changed into boating clothes.
    • Having a convertible really helps adventures… there’s nothing quite like ripping down a highway with the top down, wearing only swim gear and trying to figure out the quickest way to the rental place.
      • To rent Kayaks here, you need to take a quiz.  It asks when you’re supposed to ram other boats (never), under what circumstances you can attack police (again, never), and who gets the right of way on the water (the really big boats, turns out).  It was fun.
      • We finally get on the water, and make our way downstream toward Boston itself.  We didn’t make it particularly far, to be honest, but it was quite fun either way.  The bridges were nice, and I even got to explore that pretty footbridge that I’d always wanted to walk over.  Seriously, that’s a goal of mine – walk over that bridge, at midnight, on a date.  So picturesque!
      • We realize that it’s getting dark, so back to the car we paddle.  Boats returned, it’s dinner time; so with a throw of the stick shift we head back to the old ranch.

Sunday, 28-Apr-13

  • Another relaxed day, honestly nearly nothing happens here.  Just chilling and having a good breakfast before heading out for another day of exploring
  • This time I hit up Fresh Pond – Marla takes me around at first, but then her and Minor leave to go to a party down the road.  I stay on to relax in the woods and do a bit of writing.  Afterward, I take the long walk home.  It’s excellent – I really like Cambridge right around dusk.
  • Day turns to afternoon, and afternoon blends into evening.  Which blends down into League of Legends, dinner, cartoons, and my bed.

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