A note to pedestrians…


So, I bike to work every day.  Its a short ride, maybe five miles each way, but I’m always impressed at how much can happen in a few short miles…

So, this is a note to all pedestrians who see bikes and either try to dodge out of the way, or just freeze in their tracks like a deer in the headlights; STOP IT.  We’re bikes.  We dodge traffic, and have to keep an eye out for MBTA busses trying to crush us.  We see you.  We see you before you see us, and probably before you even start to cross the road.  We plan to go around you, and expect you to keep walking.  WHen you freeze in the middle of the bike lane, that doesn’t protect you; it makes you more likely to get hit.  Why?  Because you’re frozen in the middle of a bike lane, you dolt. 

So stop it, just do your thing, don’t jump in front of us, and if you are worried?  Get back on the sidewalk.

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