Saturday May 2, ’09


So its been a little while since I posted something, mostly due to finals, but here is a quick tidbit of my R&R weekend before summer classes.  I just got back from a climbing road trip with Daniel where we hit the New River Gorge, Seneca (got rained out), and the Gunks.  I’ll have a full post of that up later, since we wrote pretty much everything down in a journal, but for now this will have to do.

Saturday May 2, ’09

Nice and easy day, I woke up around ten (I know, crazy early for me on a rest day), and played around on the internet catching up on comics and making myself some breakfast ’till maybe one or two. After that, I couldn’t keep myself away from the glowing outside and jumped on my bike to hit EMS for some new NUHOC gear and take a long ride around Boston. After two trips into EMS, the first time I got the gear and new tubes, but forgot to get a string to tie my lock onto the bike with, I got back on the bike to leave when I noticed the tire had gone from “slowly deflating” to a “deflates within seconds” level. And, while I had just bought new tubes, I did not have any wrenches to get the wheel off with. So instead of going back into EMS in shame I headed down the street looking for a hardware store. I ran into Marissa on the way, had a quick chat, and the continued down to where I found an AutoZone. Now armed with new wrenches, I fixed up the bike and proceded on my way. I got a good four hour ride in, culminating with dropping gear off at the Locker and meeting a few people on campus, and then headed back home for dinner. About to make it now, but still not 100% sure what I want to make. Burgers maybe?

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