Saturday May 2, ’09


So its been a little while since I posted something, mostly due to finals, but here is a quick tidbit of my R&R weekend before summer classes.  I just got back from a climbing road trip with Daniel where we hit the New River Gorge, Seneca (got rained out), and the Gunks.  I’ll have a full post of that up later, since we wrote pretty much everything down in a journal, but for now this will have to do.

Saturday May 2, ’09

Nice and easy day, I woke up around ten (I know, crazy early for me on a rest day), and played around on the internet catching up on comics and making myself some breakfast ’till maybe one or two. After that, I couldn’t keep myself away from the glowing outside and jumped on my bike to hit EMS for some new NUHOC gear and take a long ride around Boston. After two trips into EMS, the first time I got the gear and new tubes, but forgot to get a string to tie my lock onto the bike with, I got back on the bike to leave when I noticed the tire had gone from “slowly deflating” to a “deflates within seconds” level. And, while I had just bought new tubes, I did not have any wrenches to get the wheel off with. So instead of going back into EMS in shame I headed down the street looking for a hardware store. I ran into Marissa on the way, had a quick chat, and the continued down to where I found an AutoZone. Now armed with new wrenches, I fixed up the bike and proceded on my way. I got a good four hour ride in, culminating with dropping gear off at the Locker and meeting a few people on campus, and then headed back home for dinner. About to make it now, but still not 100% sure what I want to make. Burgers maybe?

About perfectusvarrus

I am an adventurer. I've been many things in my life; a machinist, a mechanical designer, a training coordinator, a facilities consultant, and a seasonal construction worker. But through it all, I've kept my love of adventure and exploration strong, through rock climbing, backpacking, cycling, exploring, and trying new things. The rush of adventure is intoxicating, and the thrill of discovery and exploring is unbeatable.

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